Generator Plant Control and Engine Management System

Extensive generator (ANSI standard functions) and engine protection features.

Complete Power Plant Management:
Engine, generator and intertie status monitoring all via single entity.

Based on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology the control system incorporates functions and features for single and multiple genset in isolated or parallel utility operation. Genset application can consist of asynchronous type generators with softstarting or across-the-line starting or synchronous generators.

Wago-I/O-System 750 offers fine modularity with 1-, 2-, 4- , 8- channel functions. Flexible combination of digital/analog inputs and outputs and special function with different potentials, capacity and signals at one fieldbus node.

Generator Plant Control (Highlights)

Control System Diagram

Control System Diagram

Local and Remote Control Access

Remote access via Gas Systems LLC Graphical User Interface. Limited remote access possible also via standard Internet Browser.

Data Transmission to GUI based on industrial ethernet protocol Modbus TCP.

Local Access to monitor and configure generator plant and engine management parameters.

In summer 2008 a Gas Systems LLC plant control system successfully replaced a Hess Nexgen control system at the Oaks Church in Thousand Oaks, Ca

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